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What is the laser treatment to stop smoking?

My friend told me her dad just got a laser treatment to stop smoking, and he hasn’t picked up a cigarette since the day he got it. My mom is very adamant about quitting and I think this is a really good option if it works. Shes tried all the gums, pills and patches and nothing has worked. Can anyone help me out and tell me more about it, and how effictive it is?

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2 Responses to “What is the laser treatment to stop smoking?”

  1. willyenvy said :

    The actual method of laser treatment is straightforward and is based on recognized scientific methods.

    It is generally considered to be a natural form of treatment, and causes no pain or discomfort to the patient. If you have tried other methods to stop smoking then Laser Treatment Therapy – is it the right method for you? This can prove to be a viable alternative.

    A Laser beam is applied to meridian points throughout your body, including your ears, nose, hands, forearms and wrists. These meridian points are activated to release endorphins.

    There is no risk of radiation as the lasers used for this treatment system are of low intensity. The treatments helps you to relax and of course to resist the need to smoke.

  2. Jimmie said :

    I did laser therapy 6 years ago in Charlotte, NC and haven’t smoked since. NO side effects and it was fast, no desire to smoke after the first session. I did two treatments (out of three offered) and was amazed how much better I felt within a month. I was spending over $150 month and paid myself back for the laser therapy stop smoking in a couple months. The support I got from the quit smoking laser technician was great. Tell your Mom it is painless and easy.


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