I did laser treatment to stop smoking How do I get my sister to do it too?

I love being a non smoker I have not had a cig since I got the treatment and its great,My sister says she wants to stop smoking but claims it cost too much (about same amount she spends on 1 month of cigs)
Should I just pay for it for her as a gift?
I dont know how it works but I am proof that it does work since I have not smoked in 4 months

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6 Responses to “I did laser treatment to stop smoking How do I get my sister to do it too?”

  1. barefoot_yank said:

    How do you quit smoking with a laser??

  2. nottashygirl said:

    If she truly wants to quit, it would be a wonderful gift. I am a little cynical when it comes to that laser treatment thing. I just don’t see how it works. I feel like if you want to quit, you can. If you don’t, you won’t. But, then again, maybe that is why I am still a smoker.

  3. linda h said:

    You can offer. Would be an awesome gift. I would not surprise her with it tho, maybe she really doesnt want to quit. That would just be a waste of $

  4. Tai said:

    if you want to, but make sure she is ready to quit, without her REALLY wanting it no treatment can make her stop.

  5. aspirit said:

    Once you have told your sister about your success, your done. It’s up to her to make the decision to either quit smoking or get the same treatment.

  6. Eileen said:

    Anne Penman Laser Therapy provides the most advanced technology with the best personal care to help you Quit Smoking in Las Vegas. A reflection of our high level of success is that a large percentage of new clients come from personal recomendation. Laser therapy treatment for Nicotine Addiction are completely safe, painless and non-invasive.
    The 24 hour help-line we offer will be answered by our Laser Therapist, Eileen or Sheldon, not a receptionist.
    Have your sister give us a call and we can answer her questions. It is important for her to want to quit smoking for any treatment to be successful. Ours is drug free, non-invasive and painless and no side-effects. 702-682-8135


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