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What is the best way to get results in losing weight?

Im 15, a girl and weigh 143. I would like to lose 15 pounds, what is the best way to lose it? Obviously excersise and fruits and vegetables. I need to know which excersises are best for weight loss and toning, also which foods i should eat besides fruit veggies and skinless chicken. Personal experiences would be a huge help too???

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to get results in losing weight?”

  1. Gorgeous ♥ said :

    go on the break up diet!

  2. Harriet said :

    The only way is to burn more calories than you ingest (Eat).
    Eat 500 calories
    Walk off 600 calories
    Result- get thinner.

  3. Natalie said :

    do weight watches. no joke it works!! within a week you will notice a difference. go for a jog every night and do 50 sit ups a night. it doesnt take long n if you do the weight watchers along with that then that will be enough. you dont have to stop your whole life for it. its not like ur highly obese so this would be a gd diet

  4. Cathrine said :

    Hi, you are not the only person with this problem, my friend kate is as the same as you.she read a book and do step by step,now she is fine. I hope the book can help you too, here is the url:


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