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What weight loss way showed a lot of results for you?

A lot of the times its hard to believe that some ways show weight loss results, except for a lot of excersise. What did u do? and how did u fight the temptation?

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10 Responses to “What weight loss way showed a lot of results for you?”

  1. Jay S said:

    Vinaigrette dressing. I started using it on my salads. It helps to curb your appetite for sweets. I also started walking almost every day.

  2. J.R said:

    honestly i lost 48 pounds when i was 14 (Im 18 now) just from diet and excersize. it takes a lot of will power but by drastically changing your eating and workout lifestyle for the better you can do wonders, in the most healthy way possible.

    it takes some time but its worth it, once you reached your goal weight, you know that it was from what you did, not some supplement!

  3. ClaryFray said:

    This isn’t personal experience but;
    a boy in my year left for the summer holidays, he was pretty big, in september (a month and a half later) he was perfectly slim!
    Honest, the results were so amazing that it was the talk of college for a good week. He used the Cambridge diet.

    Hope this helps you, and good luck.

  4. mooker said:


  5. Jacquelyn said:

    Honestly the best way your are going to lose weight is to jog. The weight will literally slip off. Also Yoga or Palate’s..Also try not to eat when you are bored or upset try and chew some gum or get your mind off of food by using your hands to do something constructive. If you exercise you can eat anything you want, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The best thing you can do is eat half the portion of food you normally would eat. Example: If you make a full plate of food take away half of each of what you have. Try and stay away from chocolate and candy so not good for you. Drink a lot of water and Greet tea (great antioxidant). If you have stairs in your house, run up them 10 times and down them another 10 times, it is good cardio.

  6. Polly said:

    eating no more than 2000 cals a day and do toning exercise and walk fast where ever i need to go xx

  7. Isa said:

    According to studies’ made in relation to the red tea, it was observed that the people having an overweight lost up to 18 pounds only with its absorption. People having a moderated overweight, up to 12 pounds and people having a light overweight, between 4 and 7 pounds.

    With the diet of red tea, at a rate of 4 cups per day, it was observed a loss up to 7 pounds in 5 days. This diet is thus an excellent starting point when one starts a diet and should be followed of a balanced diet to ensure the slimming and not to suffer from a yo-yo effect.

  8. Barry said:

    Do yoga and take fresh fruit and juice in your diet. Walk half an hour in a day and try some pill like hoodia for reducing weight.

  9. JET said:

    You need to combine cardio, a balance diet and a weight loss supplement. Do not starve yourself to death. Have a healthy breakfast ( about 300 calories ). You may try a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice tv dinner like a breakfast quesadilla or a panini, have a snack ( about 200 calories ) 3 hours later only if you still hungry, another tv dinner for lunch, another snack 3 hours after lunch and a sensible dinner. You can even found in, for example, Walmart, 100 calories ice cream sandwiches. Those are very good and you can count them as your snack. But it is important that you have an edge. Something that will suppress your appetite, speed up you metabolism, give you energy and make you lose weight fast. Try this website:

    I’ve lost 47 lbs in 41 days using this. It really work. Right now they are offering a free 15 day trial ( you only pay $5.95 for shipping ).

    Listen, I’m not trying to sell you anything. I just want to let you know what worked for me. Just give it a try, is not expensive.
    Good luck!

  10. Linda Marcus said:

    It’s true that exercise is good for your body well being. The main question is, do you need to do a daily vigorous athletic exercise in order to lose weight? Having an ideal weight is the final result but to maintain it need more then that. If you know the myth and fact about weight loss then the problem could be tackle with ease. Knowledge about our own metabolism function is the mother to all weight loss program.

    3 years ago i was depressed about my overweight problem but a friend taught me the trick of using our own metabolism system to reduce weight successfully, without diet pills and without spending hundreds of buck on scam weight loss program. Since then i was able to maintain an ideal weight and living a healthy life with my loving family. The best part is i could enjoyed eating anything i want but without gaining any weight.


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