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What is a site that gives good weight loss plans?

I am 16 years old, have asthma, and am very much over weight. I wouldnt be that large if it werent for my sides i have looked and looked and i cant find anything to help the exact part that i need to lose weight in. I need help. Plz. Also i dont have much money so i would rather do a certain type of exercise than buy expensive online weight loss foods. I have been eating healthy for almost 5 months now.

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4 Responses to “What is a site that gives good weight loss plans?”

  1. nina never gets it said :

    Cut back on calories. You can do that for free, and it works 100% if you follow it.
    If you have most of your fat in one area, you will lose fat mostly in that area. You won’t shrink and stay the same shape if that’s what you’re worried about.
    Walking is a great exercise, do it an hour a day.
    Scroll down here and you will find a calorie intake calculator. It will tell you how much you need to eat to lose weight.
    Then use nutrition info on food packaging and go to and you’ll find how many calories each food contains.

  2. tom said :
  3. Enjie said : contain many information about weight loss that suitable for personal. You can easily looking for weight loss tips on

    Check it out, maybe it’s exactly what you are looking for. Good luck happy to share with you 🙂

  4. Kazi said :

    Now a days many people are having the problem. to protect yourself from this is must. having the perfact body is the ultimate want of the teenage girls. so they want to have some extra works. The perfact body makes them to have a good look and sexually appling. and this is not very much popular to the girls but also for the boys I think. now go to this site I think it would give you the way that you want to help yourself.
    Good luck.


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