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What is a good wieght loss supplement or fat burner?

I am running, 6 times a week , lifting 3 times a week, and i am eating 2000 cals a day 50% carbs 20 % fat and 30 % protein ( i wiegh 250lb) I am wondering what i a good fat burner to take. ( somehing like a powder that can help me burn fat

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2 Responses to “What is a good wieght loss supplement or fat burner?”

  1. wanderingcis said :

    they have something at GNC called fat burner try there

  2. Cerise1979 said :

    I recommend you try this:
    Nutrilite® CLA 500
    Lose fat, not muscle. Reduce body fat and support lean-muscle retention. This essential fatty acid helps your body do both.
    Hope this helps.
    Check the website out below.


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