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What is a good fat burning pill that makes you lose weight fast?

I’m not fat but i don’t like my body so i want to lose like 20 lbs. I’m 16 year old girl and i weigh 121 and i’m 5’4. I know a hundred pounds seems too skinny but my hips are wide and always have fat on them so really i do have to be really skinny to have a nice stomache cause i’m apple shaped.

So what’s a good fat burning pill that i don’t have to do anything the pill does all the work & it doesn’t give you energy because it could make me have a heart attack lol not even kidding.
Are there pills you can take at night?

& don’t say exersize and diet cause i don’t diet and i exersize enough…and i just need to lose baby fat it looks like.

If you know a good pill tell me all about it please 🙂 and i know i’m only 16 but i’ll order em or something.
There is so magic pills! look at anna nicole….she was huge then was crazy skinny…trim spa was what she used.

I dont want anything that gives you energy just burns the fat off!
thanks 4 the link but i’m not pregnant i don’t even have sex right now. So yah that was dumb

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2 Responses to “What is a good fat burning pill that makes you lose weight fast?”

  1. David said :

    you are obsessing. there is no magic pill. you need to rethink this potentially dangerous idea. your weight is excellent.

  2. Max O said :

    D4 Extreme´s patented formula is scientifically suggested to dramatically reduce fat. The unique ingredient breakdown uses various herbal extracts and other compounds to substantially increase your ability to burn calories, translating into improved fat loss.
    D4 Extreme will amp up your workouts with its smooth sustainable energy release, allowing you to maximize your weight loss potential and significantly improve your workout intensity without causing the jittery feeling associated with most other fat burners.
    D4 Extreme also works to control appetite by suppressing those hard to resist food cravings. With more than 10 years of R&D, it is no surprise that D4 Extreme has become renowned as one of the best fat burners in the world. made first pick on the list read up on it


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