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What health risks are associated with fruit shortages in a person’s diet?

I have oral allergy syndrome, so I can not eat fruit. Yes, ALL fruit. That sucks, doesn’t it? Anyway, I am writing a bio essay and we had to analyze our diet. I have to write what health risks I am prone to because of certain aspects of my diet. I can not think of any health risks, but I am thinking that maybe my lack of fruit consumption could lead to something, but what?
Also note: I eat a lot of vegetables, I just don’t eat fruit.
No, I can’t eat a tomato.

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4 Responses to “What health risks are associated with fruit shortages in a person’s diet?”

  1. OMG its Nikki! said :

    not sure how to spell it but curry or something

  2. Wesoly said :

    Scurvy! Just kidding, its not too much of a problem today but it used to be when the sailors didnt have enough fruits on their ships during their voyages accross the sea.

    Perhaps just lacking of vitamens and natural sugars

  3. Marbear said :

    I am a health and nutrition coach and I can help you lose fat/inches and put on lean muscle mass 🙂

    Not all allergies are permanent. There are many ways to help them, if you open to alternative therapies.

    There are certain trace values you get from different kinds of would be a good idea to find out if you can take supplements to put those things in your body another way. Different vitamins support different things..we’d have to go through a list.

    just let me know if you are interested and we can do a free wellness evaluation customized for you!

    Email me at
    [email protected]

  4. axel said :

    Fruits give you vital vitamins, like vitamin C. You should have blood work done and speak to a health professional inorder to figure out what types of vitamin supplements you need to take to stay healthy. I do know that you will lack some important nutrients that will keep you from processing certain foods.

    I don’t know exactly what your health risks are but my neighbor is a doctor. I will ask him later tonight.

    Try Google, “lack of fruit in diet risks”

    Sorry I can’t help more, it is good that you eat a lot of vegetables that might compensate for the lack of fruits.


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