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How do I convince my overweight brother to take his health seriously and lose some weight?

He is about 45yo. He’s married with two children and his wife is overweight too. It’s not that he can’t lose weight, he just doesn’t try because he rejects health, medicine and thinks he’s just fine. I don’t think he’ll make it to 55 with the amount of bad eating in his diet. He’s about 5’10 350. I need ideas on how to make losing weight for him an attractive alternative to his current direction.

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6 Responses to “How do I convince my overweight brother to take his health seriously and lose some weight?”

  1. sefler1013 said :

    I think you should just take the both of them to a doctor and have them get a physical. There, the truth will come out on how unhealthy they are. That will hopefully daunt on them to make a change to their unhealthy ways.

  2. catchingfreak51 said :

    you can tell him that my uncle of 51 is overweight, and had a heart attack, he ended up in the hospital having open heart surgery… and he’s been in a ton of pain…..
    maybe it will motivate him… sounds like hes sort of stubborn though

  3. AaronKristopher said :

    tell him that he is a worthless piece of lard. and that he is lazy sh!t. and tell him to get off his fat as$ and go do somthing productive.

  4. kanaka said :

    just let him know your concern,and be ready to support him no matter what.hopefully he’ll come around,good luck.

  5. doublecpinkc91 said :

    sounds like he needs a serious reality check. he needs to realize that if he doesn’t change his habits then he won’t be around much longer. since his wife is also overweight they could do it together by putting the whole family on a diet..also try having the kids talk to him about it maybe that will understand that he is not just hurting himself

  6. MozartHerzfeuer said :

    Call him every day and gently tell him how fat he is. Next, you should email, as often as possible, pictures of extremely fat people and make the subject line something like, “diabetes” “heart disease” “stroke”- if this doesn’t work, you should make yourself really fat so he will feel guilty.


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