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How can i get my fat pig of a wife to lose some weight?

Great woman. She got severe depression and is the side of a house now. 5″9 170lbs. She used to be 135lbs. I am a great looking guy and am NOT going to roll with a hog.

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52 Responses to “How can i get my fat pig of a wife to lose some weight?”

  1. StarWarp said :

    Just get another wife.. problem solved 🙂

  2. Zain said :

    Dude, you sound very impatient and by forcing her you will only make her resent you more. Wives usually wanna do anything they can to please their husbands, BUT if they feel that you aren’t pleased with anything then I’m sure, feeling hopeless, they give up, retreat and get depressed. She loves you more than you know and is waiting for you to Dude, as a man it’s your duty to set the tone, but with love, patience, and wisdom (a lost art with most men nowadays). I’m sure you must be a nice guy who loves his wife and just venting on the internet. Re-examine your life, make your wife feel like a part of the team, take her out for activities, and reconnect. Real love is so rare and precious these days, don’t give up on each other. God bless you both.


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