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What are three healthy meals that can be eaten every day to replace a regular diet?

Everyone has specifics on what a healthy diet is. It all depends on age and weight but the fact of the matter is that it is no significant difference at all. What I want from this question posted are three meals that supply everything that one is supposed to have in a day. Also, I would like to add, if this mealdoes in fact supply ones need for a healthy diet, can one eat this everyday and maintain that healthy diet?

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3 Responses to “What are three healthy meals that can be eaten every day to replace a regular diet?”

  1. Dr Owl said :

    Breakfast: wholemeal cereal, skimmed milk, piece of fruit, glass of orange juice.
    Lunch: sandwich on wholemeal bread with salad, piece of fruit, yoghurt.
    Dinner: rice (brown) dish with fish and vegetables, piece of fruit, glass of juice.

    I think that would do it.

  2. Peggy said :

    Life is a joggling act and so when it comes to eating healthy we can all do with a little help. i have found that meal replacement by way of protein shakes twice a day and one regular meal has greatly enhance my physical well being.And yes these meal replacement can be had every day because they have all the minerals and vitamins that we need for the day.I get mine from this shop.

  3. tyree said :

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