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What healthy meals do you prepare for dinner ?

I am looking for some common sense healthy food suggestions. I am not looking to “go on a diet” but to try and improve my overall health by sensible eating and moderate exercise. I am just looking for suggestions to simple and easy to prepare food that I can eat every day that incorporate lots of vegetables. Other than salads what is a quick, easy to prepare meal that I can make after working all day. Also does anyone have suggestions for healthy snacks that I can keep at my desk to have during the day?

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4 Responses to “What healthy meals do you prepare for dinner ?”

  1. ♥brandy said :

    My mom makes a beautiful looking salad everyday for dinner. then she serves grilled chicken with corn on the cob, its SO yummy, and normally done pretty quick!!!

  2. independancy said :

    I liked baked chicken in cream of mushroom soup. Usually takes about 30 min. You could ass broccoli and ranch or something.
    A good snack would be craisins, mixed nuts, or peanut butter crackers. I try to keep some of those around the office.
    I am trying to teach myself this still, ALWAYS try to drink a glass of water before you eat. It helps fill you up quicker, so no over eating. And it also helps break down the food better so that it moved through your digestive track easier, which in return, helps loose weight.

  3. Harmony said :

    You said no salad, but I believe with all my heart that greens are THE healthy food!

    We have a salad as 50% of our dinner 365 days a year! We make our own salad dressings which is way easier than it sounds and is the key to liking salads (we use extra virgin olive oil, a bit of flax oil, sourcream, and buttermilk–never mayo, corn syrup, cottonseed oil, soybean, canola, or corn oil! Good dressings make the salads sooo good and healthy). There are hundreds to try. I make a vinegar and oil that is always on hand, but I have other good stuff to change it up. I make about one dressing a week. Then we put a few yummy things on like almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, craisins, cucumbers, tomatoes, avacados, pears, apples, walnuts, cubed pepper jack, grated chedder, peas, beans, broccoli, mandarins, pineapple, peppers, red cabbage, sprouts, etc. We use Romaine, Green lettuce, Red lettuce, baby spinach, and baby greens. There is so much variety, we never have the same salad twice. When I think whats for dinner, my mind is inventing a salad. Then for a side dish we have something like rice, meat, or pasta, and green smoothie or a veggie. We serve up the meat and potatoes like lots of people do the corn or peas, just a bit, but the meal wouldn’t really satisfy without it. I don’t put too much effort or variety into the “side dishes” just like most people don’t put much effort or variety into their salad.

    Snacks: Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, raisins, craisins, apple chips, banana chips, sunflower seeds, apples, pears, oranges, celery, bananas. These are pretty concentrated foods though just a small handful, not a bowlful like you do with chips…

  4. RG said :

    Whenever you cook rice, add vegetables to it. They not only lend color but taste to it.
    If you or your child hates to include things like spinach and beetroot in their diet because of its peculiar taste, then here is a trick. Prepare a portion of the rice with spinach juice, a portion in beetroot juice and a portion with lime juice and saffron. There it is- rice in three different color and taste. Place each of them side by side and for a perfect presentation sprinkle some nuts over it.
    Another tip for making that spinach push down to your stomach is add a teaspoon of cream to it and the gravy of some nuts. It makes the spinach tastes yummy and richness of the cream makes it look lovely (until you are too diet conscious).
    for some good tips, visit:


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