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Does healthy eating make you feel good about yourself?

After having a healthy diet for a few weeks I don’t like the idea of eating junk food. Is this because my body feels good that way.

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4 Responses to “Does healthy eating make you feel good about yourself?”

  1. guerrero82 said :

    it does, but i do miss the occasional fast food treat

  2. Timothy H said :

    sure does! so does a lot of exercise 😀

  3. Katie B said :

    yeah i think your body has got use to the fact of eating healthy, and it enjoys the healthy food, some people think that eating healthy is boring but it isn’t atall you can make it exciting. your probaly going to now eat healthy food most of the time, its a good thing and well done :):)

  4. alyssa said :

    yes it does!!! bc u kinow yor feeding your body the right way 🙂
    and that feels great!!!!


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