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What does an averagely healthy diet look like?

Im not talking about a super healthy diet, or a weight loss plan, i just mean a run of the mill standard typical food diary. the kind of one that a dietition would look at and go ‘meh.. looks fine’.

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2 Responses to “What does an averagely healthy diet look like?”

  1. irnbrubhoy said :

    It’s kind of beige, round and wooly looking

  2. beejee said :

    A well balanced one. You’d want a good chunk, about a 3rd of your diet to be made up of fruit and veg. Then another 3rd to starches, like bread, cereals, rice, pasta, etc. And then the last third is split between dairy, meats and fish (or the vegetarian alternatives) and sugary and fatty foods (which should be the smallest. The link below shows the “healthy balanced diet plate” and shows, in picture form, what a good diet should look like:


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