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How many hours/minutes of regular cycling is good for weightloss? I need to loose weight in three months?

My marriage is in June (all of a sudden) and its already march. I have to loose pounds of weight and I have started a diet program but would not starve. One of my friend recommended to do cycling daily. But am not sure how much time am i supposed to do daily inorder to loose weight.

Any suggestions are most welcome. Please I need help very badly.


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5 Responses to “How many hours/minutes of regular cycling is good for weightloss? I need to loose weight in three months?”

  1. Lillian said :

    Try 45-60 minutes a day along with diet.

  2. mirasdad said :

    I successfully lost weight over three months by cycling at the gym combined with a healthy eating plan. I cycled for 1 hr 45 mins for 4 or 5 days a week. I started work early and finished at 4 pm I then cycled from about 4:30 to 6:15 and was home at 6:30 for my evening meal at about 7:00. Each minute I cycled on a light setting for 45 secs at the easiest setting and then for 15 secs as fast as I could go. Good Luck

  3. Bob A said :

    You want to ride at an easy pace for the first 10 min to get warmed up. Then start pedaling at 70-90 rpm’s with a lite pressure on the pedals. Take short 20 min rides at first and work up to an hour or more each day. A good diet will help more then cycling.

  4. 88s said :

    it depends how much you need to loose.

    over the next 3 months i will loose around 10kg from cycling and good diet, im well over 100kg though and ill be cycling around 200 miles a week

    you need to consider your weight, the speed you will cycle, the terrain you will cycle in, the type of bike you will use and how much time you have to cycle…for me, im dedicating the next 3 months to cycling as to get fit for a long holiday where i will be cycling a lot in mountains..

    the most effective and time efficient way for you will probably be to go to a gym, you will burn calories quicker on exercise bikes, treadmills and rowers than you will in open cycling, unless your serious about cycling

    this website will help you work out what you might lose and in how much time:

  5. Kiona(LakotaPride) said :

    before i got married i got kinda chunky from the stress (and my hubby loves to eat and feed me fried bread and steak 😛 ). i exercised for 4 hr 45mins to burn 1800 calories a day. and i didn’t eat junk food, or carbs …..actually all i did was drink koolaid and soda and water and arizona green tea with ginsing and honey. and coffee. i lost that weight fast! also i didn’t want to build muscle so my exercising was walking at 1 mile p 15 mins. but cycleing is faster in a way but u lose more in ur butt. no one wants a flat ass.


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