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What are the different levels of fitness?

I have to do a paper on my current fitness level but I don’t know what it is. Anyone know? Thx!

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  1. Healthy Helen said :

    Aerobic fitness tests
    Tests for aerobic fitness must use the same type of exercise as the sport in which the individual participates and often will involve a ‘time trial’ format.
    Muscular endurance tests
    These tests may assess either dynamic muscular endurance (the capacity to repeat contractions) or static muscular endurance (the capacity to sustain a muscular contraction).
    Muscular strength tests
    Tests for muscular strength should ensure that the muscles being assessed are appropriate and are used through a relevant range of movement, or in the case of static strength at a specific joint angle.
    Flexibility/joint mobility tests
    Field tests for flexibility/joint mobility range from simple “Yes/No” assessments of whether the individual can perform a specific task, to the measurement of joint angles and ranges of movement. Perhaps the most widely used of these is the Sit and Reach test.


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