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I am considering getting Wii Fit for general fitness and maybe to lose some weight?

Has anyone found it affective. Thanks.

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6 Responses to “I am considering getting Wii Fit for general fitness and maybe to lose some weight?”

  1. LB67 said :

    if you already have a wii, try “my fitness coach”, you don’t need the wii fit board and you get to choose the type exercises you like to do

  2. jeffach said :

    just just get a better diet and go jogging. Wii Fit is alotta hype.

  3. bud6077 said :

    My advice is to get a couple of these games…

    …and “mix them up”. Any one game will probably get too repetitive. But if you use a variety of these, it’s a great way to keep your interest to do it every day and the weight loss will follow.

  4. Driskoll said :

    if you need a video game to exercise you have way more problems than being over weight. Save your money on the wii and get a good shrink

  5. Lake said :

    The first is the Wii Fit Game – it helped me have fun and not track time so much (I hate to exercise)! It also helps with balance and general goal keeping. It has strength, balance, yoga and aerobics. In fact I never was interested in yoga until I tried the Wii Fit.

    The second program/game I use is the My Fitness Coach. This program (I can’t really call it a game) will help with consitancy as well as plan out routines that change each day depending on what you select. It will also incorporate other fitness equipment if you have it available (balance ball, heart rate monitor, hand wieghts & stp bench)

    I have lost 12 pounds when I do the games consistantly especially paired with diet & doctor’s supervision.

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