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What is the relation between your physical fitness and how you manage stress?

How does your physical fitness level determine how well you manage stress?

Preferably in detail with links to support.

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5 Responses to “What is the relation between your physical fitness and how you manage stress?”

  1. Evie I said :

    strain on your psychological state can definetly have psysical manifastations. with some, it is more serious than others

    *shortness of breath
    *curculatory problems
    *feeling sick

  2. ~Bow In My Presence~ said :

    Do your own homework.

  3. Jerry's Girl said :

    Well i can’t offer you links. I can only offer you my best advice from personal experience. Working out changes your mind. If you’ve been depressed, it can tear you out of that state of mind. If you’re stressed from work, you’ll probably run an intense mile and feel AMAZING after. It takes strenth and it helps you deal with stress in a healthy way. After a work out, you always feel better, no matter what the stress is. Physical fitness can become an addiction (a good one) that helps manage your stress and release toxins and enjoy a natural high.

  4. VXMorte said :

    The two go hand in hand.
    Your body will effectively suffer for your mental stress, as when you stress you release cortisone, which depletes muscle and fitness gains.

    However, fitter people are usually calmer (not always) and have better circulation, allowing them to process the stress and its physical effects.

  5. get g said :


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