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How much is the effect of alcohol on my fitness level?

I am an athlete and I play pro basketball at my local club. I also am an occasional jogger and love to play other sports as well. But occasionally I go out on weekends and consume alot of alcohol. Im talking about beer, rum, tequila, vodka, and many other kinds! I dont get to the state of getting drunk, because I usually stop when I feel like Im getting there. I know that alcohol cant be good in any form, but I just would like to know what kind of damage are we talking about here? I have an almost perfect fitness level according to recent tests, but I wasnt consuming much alcohol then as well.

Now Im planning to take a vacation and I KNOW that ill be drinking alot, therfore I would like to know what are the given consequences if any with regards to my fitness level.

Thanks for the input.

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9 Responses to “How much is the effect of alcohol on my fitness level?”

  1. georgie g said :

    low endurance and drive are theeffects/downsides

  2. Manda said :

    It’s bad for you no matter what. Just make sure you drink a lot of water while and after drinking.

    I drink a lot on the weekends. If it’s just the weekends and your vacation you really don’t have too much to worry about. Enjoy relax and have fun.

  3. k10sbride said :

    Um… how about you just quit drinking?

  4. brandon said :

    Almost perfect fitness level, if basketball were difficult they’d call it triathlon. Ha, just kidding, I don’t understand how people can consider themselves to be fit when they do this activity, true athletes with a love of the sport live it through and through, even outside of their sport. Not only are you staying out late and getting less sleep, you are destroying your body. Your liver is one of your main glycogen stores, I’m sure that it isn’t very good for it to be getting used flitering that alchohol. You are also taking in more calories with the beer at least.

  5. krstldwntx said :

    Well, I’m glad you already know it can’t be good… 1. You’re damaging your liver and pancreas, once those are fried you can’t fix them. That will affect overall health becuase these remove toxins from your blood. 2. That’s lots and LOTS of carbs. As we know, there’s good and bad carbs but regardless of that… too many carbs is still bad. Carbs = sugar which just means you’re going to have to workout harder to get ahead. IMO, not sure why you’d sabotage yourself like this unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

  6. qt2sh said :

    Drinking affects fitness in the following ways:

    It interferes with cardio-respiratory fitness; heart and lungs work less efficiently
    It directly damages muscle groups
    It can lead to increased weight
    It increases the risk of accidents and injuries
    It damages the immune system, making you more susceptible to infection
    It increases the time needed to recover from injuries and illnesses
    It causes dehydration, making exercise dangerous and unpleasant
    Exercising when you still have alcohol in you can cause a heart attack, kidney failure, cramping, even convulsions.

    but most things, done in moderation, are OK.

    Enjoy your vacation and bring me something back!

  7. Larry G said :

    it really depends on how much you intoxicate your self with and
    if you drink to get drunk then 5.2 alchol will consume your body
    and when that goes into the blood stream it effect nerve cells in your brain and causes stupor.

  8. ninja7868 said :

    I myself am a fitness nut and athlete. I f I drink alot on a given night i try to dink alot of water and sleep in and rest most of the next day then I try to jog a little to sweat it out. Just figure it takes about two days to fully recover to a high energy level after a good night out. Unless you puke and get sick. So for two days aprox you dont gain anything in performence.

  9. Gabe said :

    Well, it depends on what you are worried about. Alcohol contains more calories per part than any other food or drink, so you will be racking up on the calorie count and if not carefull gain some weight. I don’t think professional athletes go out and binge on alcohol (with a few bad apple exceptions) before their big games or while in training. Everything in moderation can be acceptable, even drinking, go out have a good time but give your body enough time to recuperate after you have been drinking before you go out and attempt a 10 mile run. It sounds also like you can’t control your self with the drinking, if you are concerned about it and your fitness is important then control your self and don’t drink or drink moderately.


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