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How do I start to workout when my fitness level is Zero?

I’m not seriously overweight, only a little but I have zero endurance and a horrible fitness level. I’m winded after walking short distances. How do I even begin to start working out when I get worn out so fast. I really want to be healthy but I feel like working out for 10 mins because I get seriously out of breath won’t cut it. I’ve also been to the doctor and he said I’m healthy so its not medical.

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4 Responses to “How do I start to workout when my fitness level is Zero?”

  1. Heather T said :

    Get a beginners workout. Take it slow and build up stamina.

  2. Reality said :

    get off yahoo answers?

  3. Sammie said :

    You have to just start slowly and do a little at a time and then eventually your fitness levels will improve and you will notice that you can work out for longer. Why don’t you try working out via the internet at you can do workout classes or DVDs via the internet and that way you can increase your fitness levels in the privacy of your home instead of having to embarrass yourself in public.

  4. alialoggi said :

    Its really about getting used to it. I used to take a class that would wear me out before I finished it. Now, the class is so easy that I don’t take it anymore. It took about a month to get through it without feeling exhaused, and every time I went to class it got easier. Just take a class every day and do what you can. Tell the instructor that you are new (they usually ask who is new), and they give advice, just keep moving. All you can do is to stay with the class, don’t leave early and keep pushing yourself. I’ve been at my gym almost 3 yrs. There are girls that look the same now as they did then because they don’t try. My body has improved so much since I joined because I make good food choices, I stop eating when full, if I crave something I get a small version, and I work out daily. You can do this too. I am 5’5 and weigh 112 lbs, and I’m 42 yrs. old. Good luck.


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