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What are some good healthy foods that actually taste good?

I would like to start eating more healthily and in order to do so I must start eating more vegitables and healthy foods. However, I don’t like them at all. Can any one suggest some good healthy foods that you think taste good?

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5 Responses to “What are some good healthy foods that actually taste good?”

  1. cnbmcindoo said :

    I found that having doing this myself i use to hate veggies and fruit but i find that having celery good along with carrots and it dont hurt to have a bit of salad dressing low calorie or normal but make sure its a little amount of calories i found that what i put into a shot glass was never enough for a hand ful of carrots or a bunch of celery soo good luck

  2. Vicki ♥ said :

    fruit and soy milk smoothie…yum!

    mostly fruits and veggies are my fav.

  3. Chris L said :

    Sun Chips. They lower your chance for heart disease.*


  4. calvinsreal said :

    definently minute rice add some salt, pepper, various spices or sauces. then fry up some vegies with olive oil and mix it in with the rice.

    its quick easy and healthy.

    you should buy some fiber mix and eat alot of it because it keep all that bloating poo out of you and your stomach will flatter. it also helps keep your colon healthy.

  5. Mildred S said :

    try combining them … apple slices with a little cheese , baby carrots and a little low fat ranch dressing , cucumber slices with tomatoes and a bit of italian dressing (add a bit of purple onion if you like). it’s really best with a little olive oil and vinegar and a touch of garlic salt and parsley but bottled italian dressing is fine too. easy of the cheese, dresssings it’s just to add a little flavor to it. add spinach, mushrooms, green or red pepper to your omellette . add a bit of shredded carrot to your meatloaf , or throw some in your speghetti sauce. experiment with some of the oriental vegetables / stir fry them / bok choy and the cabbages / baby pea pods are excellent. chinese brocolli is good. for sweets think fruits . any fruit is great with a little cottage cheese or vanilla yogurt. mandarin oranges, peaches, pineapple, mango, nectarines. popcorn is a good healthy snack.


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