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What are some healthy foods that will give me a little extra energy?

I’m trying to cut caffeine and sugar out of my diet, but without my morning Coke, I’m about ready to fall asleep by 10am. What sort of healthy foods can give me some energy.

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3 Responses to “What are some healthy foods that will give me a little extra energy?”

  1. chinaeye said :

    ok first of all cut the caffeine believe me when i tell you it is not good for you then you have to eat 3 meals aday i know it sounds a little childish but i’m serious you have to. most of all you have to eat some kind of veggie everyday me i eat a salad everyday awe most important you have to eat breakfast every moring i don’t care if it is just a toast and a glass of milk or orange juice you must eat every moring. ok so to have more energy eat breakfast, eat some kind of veggie, and please try to eat 3 meals aday trust me you will feel the difference in your body.

  2. jessiemcfarland said :

    Eat fruits especially berries. Other high energy powered food are nuts, beans, yogurts, eggs, energy bars, lean meat and so on. You can have occasional coffee without the sugar or cream if you are weight conscious. Your breakfast should contain some lean meat (protein), fruits (vitamins and minerals) and some milk (minerals). Do you know that meat contains zinc which is known to fight fatigue? So are berries will keep you hydrated and energized with its high water content.

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