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What are some healthy foods to eat when trying to lose weight that are affordable?

I’ve noticed that healthy foods cost too much. And I live 30 minutes away from a grocery store so I can’t keep going to buy produce every other day.

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10 Responses to “What are some healthy foods to eat when trying to lose weight that are affordable?”

  1. PuggetAboutIt! said :

    Bagel Bites are pretty cheap, and four of them has only 200 calories and 7 grams of fat.

  2. Britta Britta said :

    -Grilled chicken
    -Steamed veggies
    -Fruits (try to stay away from bananas)
    -Hummus w/ vegetables
    -Fish (steamed or grilled; never fried)
    -100% WHEAT bread (Make sure it’s 100%!!!!)

    There’s a list of just some of the healthier foods that I can think of off the top of my head. Don’t limit yourself, though. You can eat just about anything if you watch your portions and stay away from the crap (junk/fast food/sodas).

    Good luck

  3. K3n said :

    crackers =D

  4. Naughty Girl* said :

    buy some oatmeal cottage cheeses raisins apples cereals like fiber one or granola cereals . These things r cheap and have long shelf life and canned tuna

  5. ladybugs380 said :

    oat meal…..not the packet actual oat meal!



    Fresh fruit from a local supermarket….or farm
    (same with veggies)


    try not to get canned veggies….they are high in sodium

    Wheat bread…and if you don’t eat it all try sticking it in the freezer…it lasts a lot longer. (i do it for my hamburger and hotdog buns.)

    also, if you lie by a gas station they have pretty cheap granola bars and such..

    Oh, if your looking for packaged stuff…..then try getting orgnic it doesn’t…or isn’t supposed to have as much chemicals in it. GL!!!

  6. Walking on Sunshine said :

    Frozen fruits and vegetables are very healthy and low in calorie, pasta, chunky pasta sauces, tuna (canned in water), legumes (beans, garbanzo, pinto, red, etc) are really high in protein and fiber while being low in calorie. While fresh fruits and vegetables are always the first choice we do live in a country where frozen and canned foods are carefully prepared for optimal freshness and flavor. Good Luck!

  7. Amal M said :

    you can go to this store called eastborn fruit market and every wednesday everything is half off.So you can buy food for the whole week and go once a week instead of going every other week.Anyways,you buy your own lettuce,tomatoes and the other things you would include in your salad rather than wasting your money on ready to go salads! p.s. the tomatoes are 49 cents a pound there!

  8. MJL613 said :

    I understand your frustration, I have the same issue. I will sometimes buy frozen fruits and veggies. They don’t generally add salt or sugar to the frozen ones and don’t spoil.

    I also try to make sure and buy whole grains and brown rice. I get my whole wheat bread at a bakery thrift store (or I will buy the store brand or clip coupons). If I find a good deal, I will stock up and freeze. I have found frozen fish (Tilapia) at the dollar store. I have quit using regular vegetable oil and mostly use extra virgin olive oil and canola oil because they are better for you (can lower cholesterol). The olive oil is a little more pricey, but it lasts forever.

    The other thing I do for fruits and veggies is check for farmers markets or places where you can go pick your own and pay at a discounted rate. You can also check with friends and neighbors and see if anybody grows their own fruits and veggies and you can grow something different and you guys can trade.

    I get the bags of frozen chicken breasts which are cheaper and I usually cook with ground turkey instead of ground beef (you can get ground turkey in the frozen foods section of the dollar store too). Oh, and don’t forget the skim milk, it’s the same price or less than whole and 2%.

    Best of luck to you.

  9. VWs8mydog said :

    You don’t have to go get produce every other day, it’ll last for a week. Just eat your fruits and veggies, apples are usually reasonably priced this time of year, as are cantelope, and eat whole grains when ever you can. Eat your low fat or fat free dairy, and you’re doing pretty good. Remember, it’s all about portion control!

  10. Raymond B said :

    to get started no soda drink a gallon of water a day spring or distill no tap water!! or crystal light for your meals.

    Lunch eat a grilled chicken breast vegetables with light oil or margarine and a fruit.

    Dinner eat a tuna or chicken salad and a small cut of vegetables and a fruit.

    no eating after 7pm !!

    do 250 sit-ups in the morning and 250 sit-ups before bed.

    Try this for 3 weeks and see the difference only if you really want to loose weight.

    American Whey protein is also good for a replacement meal.
    Good taste and goes down smoothly.
    Been taking it for 5 yrs now.

    Good luck:



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