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What are healthy ways to boost energy?

I feel so tired lately, despite the 8-9 hours sleep im getting each night. I dont do many activites, i havent much time with my studying. I feel exhausted though and its affecting my work rate, what are healthy ways to boost energy? My diet is healthy, fruit and loads of veg.

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4 Responses to “What are healthy ways to boost energy?”

  1. Ehsan M said :

    eat the right food, drink fruit juice, eatin small snacks or healty snacks such as apples, bananas to keep your sugar etc in control and take couple of breaks throught the day to unwind yourself

  2. Jon said :

    To boost energy naturally, it helps first to look at the B-vitamins, which are well known for their natural energy boosting abilities. Vitamin B12 is perhaps the most famous among the B vitamins for being a wonderful source of natural energy.

    Another great way to boost energy in a healthy, safe and all natural way is to get more exercise. Sometimes it’s hard to work up the energy to start working out, but once you do get into a regular exercise routine, you will find that your overall energy level increases not only during workouts but throughout the entire day.

    Some people find that when they eat several small meals throughout the day as opposed to three large meals, this goes a long way toward helping them boost energy or maintain energy levels, and just to feel better in general. (Staying well hydrated by drinking plenty of water also helps you maintain your energy level.)

  3. Kit Fang said :

    Doing exercise will boost your energy, as contradictory as that sounds! Go to the gym, play some sport, or even just go for a walk or a run. Eating things like pasta also boost your energy. Make sure you drink lots of water, and most certainly do some exercise! I’m always far more tired after sitting around all day compared to when I go to the gym or play a bit of tennis.

  4. Your BRAND'S® Advisor said :

    Stress and schoolwork could be weighing you down. What you can do is to make a few minor changes to your lifestyle to perk up both your mental and physical energy. A healthy diet is a great way to start and here are some tips to help you refine it. The food you eat is very closely tied to your energy levels. When you eat whole grains and fruits, vegetables and proteins (like legumes, fish or lean meat), there is a gradual and steady release of energy that should last till your next meal. Stay away from refined, processed food such as canned food high in salt, fats, caffeine and simple sugars. Instead having just three square meals, think about having three small meals with two healthy snacks a day. As you know, each person’s requirements are different, but in general, 65% of the meal should be made up of complex carbohydrates like brown rice and fresh fruits and vegetables, 15-18% protein and 20% good fats like extra virgin olive oil. The golden rule is to have good carbohydrates with a little protein at every meal. So an ideal snack would be fruits with a small portion of baked or roasted unsalted nuts. Also, try to incorporate a little exercise into your day, you will find that it clears you mind and give you an added perk! Pick an outdoor activity that you love, such as cycling or even a brisk. Mental fatigue can be dealt with by taking the right supplements such as essence of chicken, vitamin B-Complex and managing stress through exercise such as yoga. Lastly, getting enough rest and sleep at night (seven hours of uninterrupted sleep is fantastic) is also crucial to alleviate fatigue. However, if you have been feeling tired or exhausted for a prolonged period of time, we advise you to seek medical help as tiredness could be a symptom of other health complications.

    Your BRAND’S® Advisor
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