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How can I fix sleep problem related to slimming pills?

I took Bio Synergy Fat Burner pills (green tea, l-tyrosine and citrus aurantium) for a month. After taking them for the first time I could not sleep. I thought that my body would adjust to them but I spent the entire month getting no sleep at night. And about a week after starting the pills I started having heart palpatations at night.
I finished the tablets 9 days ago. I’ve had no more bother with my heart but I still can’t sleep. I am exhausted during the day but as soon as I go to bed at night I am suddenly wide awake. I’m getting a couple of hours sleep in the day but I don’t want to get into the habbit of sleeping in the day time. My mum wants me to take sleeping pills but I really don’t want to start taking more pills.
How can I fix this without having to start taking more pills?

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8 Responses to “How can I fix sleep problem related to slimming pills?”

  1. Kim said:

    Stop taking the diet pills in the first place. They do nothing but harm you. Try exercizing during the day which both helps you get slim and helps you to fall asleep.

  2. lisajonasxd said:

    Just let your body adjust to not taking anymore slimming pills. because you just stopped taking the pill you should know that your body is still not adjusted yet. So be patient and i suggest not to take any diet pill and go with the regular old exercise and diet to actually keep the weight off instead of taking a bite of a hamburger and gaining all your weight back. =]

  3. Steph j said:

    Most slimming pills are appetite suppressants. IE they contain amphetamine. Which is speed on the street.
    Simple answer, stop taking the pills. Its dangerous!

  4. kestrelk8 said:

    firstly you should take away an important lesson from this experience and never take diet pills again.

    secondly you are right. you should NOT take sleeping pills to get sleep. this will only make it harder for you to sleep naturally for the rest of your life. instead try exhausting yourself via exercise. make it a point to go running or walking or whatever every day and it should help your body get back into your natural sleep rhythm. time will help take away the effect from the pill as well and if you want a natural remedy chew some valerian root (in pill form as well). this is a plant that is supposed to help induce sleep and because it is all natural it will not harm you the way perscription sleep aids will.

  5. boo! said:

    I’m sorry you’re in such a predicament. Like the heart palpitations, the sleeping problems will go away eventually. In the meantime, try natural methods to help you sleep. Create a bedtime routine, this has shown to be the most effective method. Avoid watching TV or using the computer immediately before bedtime. Drink a glass of warm milk or a mug of hot chocolate; foods with high GI have proven to induce sleepiness. If you’re looking for something herbal, drink a cup of chamomile tea. Burning lavender incense can also help some people.

  6. cjiinwu said:

    Dear priso..,
    I suggest you may try some natural herbals which good for sleep without side effects, for couple days.
    [email protected]

  7. Dave Cajka said:

    very g00d inf0 keep up the work! thanx

  8. kurze als auch unvergesslich. said:

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