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People Seriously how to loss thight fat and butt?

I’m searching the whole internet and all what I think is how to loss these thunder bubble what ever you call it and this is driving me CRAZY!! People say we did squats and lunges but we got BIGGER thighs and trainers say do it and you well have SMALLER thighs and running the same and jogging the same thing wtF I want one sure answer how to have skinny thighs without fucken up just simple answer plz.

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One Response to “People Seriously how to loss thight fat and butt?”

  1. Dr. Ill said :

    Cardio, Cardio, Cardio… me, I never saw a girl who runs track with a big butt. Also remember that if that is the way your body stores calories, it is normal. Embrace the “booty”, it makes women look so womanly

    It is possible for thighs to go down…just try not to take in some many calories and carbs and perhaps try spinning.


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