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How or why are many of the people I have seen who have had weight loss surgery still fat years later?

My insurance through my employer now pays for one weight loss surgery per lifetime. As a result many of my co workers have had the procedure. However many of them are still overweight. I don’t want to have this procedure if its not going to help me lose some of the pounds so that exercise/physical activity is not so much of a chore. Please help.

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5 Responses to “How or why are many of the people I have seen who have had weight loss surgery still fat years later?”

  1. PJ said :

    People go into bariatric surgery thinking it will MAKE them lose weight. They have to change their eating habits and lifestyle if the surgery is going to work long term. They eat too much before the surgery and find ways to eat too much after the surgery – even if it means pain and diarrhea. If people are unwilling to change their habits the surgery is wasted, and if they are willing to change their habits the surgery should be unnecessary.

  2. Amy said :

    Because the weight loss surgery does not retrain your brain and body how to eat healthy. That is the first step in losing weight.

    Many people think that the surgery is a permanent, fix-all solution. No. It is a step or a tool in staying healthy for the rest of your life. You must incorporate eating right and excersizing to truly lose the weight and keep it off. No way around it.

  3. nephthys76 said :

    Many people who lose weight with surgery do not change their eating habits, and over time, as they return to their old eating habits… they stretch their stomach back out.

    This is why weight-loss surgery is looked down upon by many doctors. It’s really only supposed to be a last resort, if the person is having so many complications from obesity and cannot lose weight.

    Also… many people who lose weight with the surgery have a lot of loose skin left on them, that can appear “fat”, but it’s really just extra skin hanging around. This is not due to the surgery itself, but due to having been very overweight and stretching your skin out. It’s doesn’t bounce back very much.

    I advise against the surgery and doing it a much safer, more permanent way. Like Weight Watchers or similar.

  4. julie_gaz said :

    because they become lazy. and still eat to much? so they end up back were they started.

  5. luv3dbb said :

    They haven’t changed the way they eat. It has to be a complete lifestyle change and some people need counseling to get their heads on straight.


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