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How do I target my butt and thighs for fat loss?

I tend to gain most wieght in my upper legs/butt and I want to lose some fat in that area. I have a really small upper body already so I don’t want to lose much weight there. So how do I lose body fat from my thighs and butt (and just legs in general) without bulking up in muscle in this area?

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7 Responses to “How do I target my butt and thighs for fat loss?”

  1. Healthy Q said :

    You cannot target fat loss. Where you gain weight is where you gain weight. It’s different for every person. Cardio/diet/weight training is the trifecta path to losing that fat. You might think about trying The Movie Star Diet. I lost 50 pounds with it after only five months, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried a lot of different diets (Atkins, South Beach, and Weight Watchers, etc.) and none of them worked anywhere near as well as this one. It’s definitely worth a shot if you really want to see a difference in a short time.

  2. notquitehomeless said :

    You can’t. You’ll lose fat all over or as your body sees fit to burning its stores off in whatever order and there is nothing you can do about it. Just do all over toning exercises and aerobics. You can’t change your body type, only your fitness level. The creams that spot-burn are all BS, they want your money, just keep it in your pocket.

  3. staxi said :

    try light walking, that seems to do the trick for some of my friends

  4. STEVErunswithdogs said :

    You cannot targret a specific area for fat loss, fat is taken from all over, but if you have little fat elsewhere then the body will start to use more from the problem area, with cardio and weight training you wont “bulk up” unless you do specific programs.

  5. doggiebike said :

    You can’t spot reduce. Just keep at it and don’t give up. Work out, eat right, and STICK WITH IT!!!

  6. LarbradorianGuy said :

    You can lose weight in the butt, but can become muscle. Same with thighs. Try walking, running, skating, running up and down stairs, And yoga may help. You can’t target though, but these things are the best ways to lose you thighs

  7. vanilla_valentine_xoxo said :

    Hi there ,Sorry to have to tell you this but You can’t spot train in 1 or two areas .It would be nice and all but it is’nt happening. However all is not lost .There is hope but its all or nothing .If you want a smaller behind and thighs do get a good cardio and strength training routine going . You will burn the fat big time ! give it about 6 weeks to begin seeing results but this does’nt mean you won’t see results sooner and what a motivator that is to keep it going. If you are worried about bulky muscles with strength training don’t worry .in fact to get that kind of bulk you’d have to be lifting lots of weight .For this we’re talking 5 -10lb leg weights . Heres something to make you smile joining strength training with cardio speeds fat loss because muscle burns fat which means smaller bottom and legs even faster than with cardio alone not to mention how toned you will be and the added strength you have which will make your workouts easier .i know you ‘ll be liking that .Good luck you’ll love the results


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