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Is there anyway to lose weight fast?

I am getting married in a month and just saw my shower pictures and I hate how I look, is there anyway to make myself look thinner in the pictures, especially my face. These memories will last me a lifetime and I want to look good. Is there a fast way to lose some weight about 20 pounds in a couple weeks

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4 Responses to “Is there anyway to lose weight fast?”

  1. eugen. said :

    1500 cal / day and exercise like your life depends on it … swim , run , bike a lot

  2. msmonroe2003 said :

    work out like crazy, like 2 hours a day and eat only lean meats, and fruits, and veggies, and dont drink anything but water♥ its possible, just realy hard♥

  3. jenniferbursa said :

    dont eat more that 1500 calories(1000 best) and exercise for about a half an hour everyday consistantly and you WILL lose weight fast!

  4. thomas p said :

    I suggest that you set a goal of losing one pound at time. Lower caloric intake and some intense exercise is absolutely necessary. If you make 12 pounds by your wedding day, you should feel better about yourself. Not to detract from your legitimate concern; however, I wonder if you are stressing over anything that will make the wonderful day less than perfect. That seems natural. Just give a reasonable effort and you will be proud of yourself. Congratulations.


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