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Are there any ways to lose weight fast?

Okay so I am graduation in 3 months, and I really want to slim down for it so I look good. Any help? Like what are some good work outs or things to eat that help you lose weight?

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One Response to “Are there any ways to lose weight fast?”

  1. ★Nicolette★ said :

    you should eat at least 3-4 healthy meals a day.

    drink a lot of water, it flushes you out. also, if you think you’re hungry even right after you’ve just eaten, it is because you’re thirsty.

    eat regularly. don’t starve yourself, because once you start eating again, you’ll gain everything back, trust me.

    eat lots of fruits and veggies.if you want to eat bread, make sure it’s whole grain. white bread is pretty fattening. you can also eat lean meats, like fish, turkey and chicken breast. eggs are also a good food when trying to lose weight.

    skip out on sweets, candy, sugary foods, chips, fried foods, ice cream, cake, and cookies. if you want something sweet, like for dessert, try berries, raisins or another type of dried fruit.

    if you feel hungry, but don’t want to over eat, chew gum. it’ll keep your mouth busy until it’s time to eat again.

    cut out ALL soda! if you stop drinking soda, it helps you out A LOT!

    and don’t forget to exercise! try walking, jogging, jump rope, dancing, crunches and/or sit-ups, bike riding and swimming. try exercising for 40 minutes a day, and as the weeks go by, build up your time by about 10 minutes each week.
    good luck!


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