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Is there a way to specificaly lose some abdominal fat?

Is there a way to specificaly lose some abdominal fat? Or does it just go away with the rest. Because that is the only area where i need to lose some rest of body is in good shape.

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3 Responses to “Is there a way to specificaly lose some abdominal fat?”

  1. Gecko Juice said :

    when you work out you tear your muscles tear, forcing them to heal by making muscle tissue, making you stronger. you need to rest every other day so the muscle tissue can grow back and get bigger.

    alternate exercises so your muscles get a fuller workout.

    it is good to feel the burn but dont push yourself so hard that you overdo it. when you first start working out your body has to ajust to what your doing forcing it to build more muscle mass. after two to three weeks you should put on more weights(about 5-10 lbs per 1-2 weeks) so your body doesnt get acustomed to what youre doing, making your workout less effective.

    In the morning, before you eat breakfast is best time to work out. Keep blood in the body and out of the intestine And then eat a good clean protein and plenty of liquid. there is a chemical in your brain that is triggered in the morning
    helping you gain muscle.

    for getting rid of fat i suggest running, skipping and swimming. exspecially swimming because it is a great toner and it works out every muscle group. swimming is my toner and fat looser of choice.

    gecko juice

  2. emontana28 said :

    Your body burns fat systematically meaning you could be doing 1000 situps a day and your body could be using the fat off the back of your knee to fuel that particular days exercise. A healthy diet and exercise over time will burn the fat in all the areas you need. Consistency is the key!

  3. Amanda F said :

    Gecko juice I didn’t know that.

    Is that why it is called being “ripped”?

    But my advice is doing work outs that target the abs like an ab roller or crunches. Getting rid of that fat is tough!


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