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Is there a way to lose stomach fat quickly?

I am overweight, but I only seem to carry weight in my stomach area.

I am not pregnant.

My arms and legs do have some fat, but primarily it is my stomach.

Is there a way to lose in my stomach area primarily or will I just lose unpredictably form all places?

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4 Responses to “Is there a way to lose stomach fat quickly?”

  1. kelly p said :

    Just excersice ALOT. matter of fact i just got back from a run,i weight about 129 pounds. i know im fat but what i am doing is just eating healthy and running every night

  2. 90's baby said :

    You could get liposuction.

    Or you could do ab exercises as much as you physically can everyday.

    Look some up on Youtube, by watching a video of someone demonstrating the exercise you will make sure you are doing it right.

  3. goldshirt390 said :

    You cannot target weight-loss as EVERY reputable study will show. Calories eaten-calories burned. There is no physical reason for your body to target fat loss. If that’s how it worked runners could have skinny legs with a fat torso. Nope.

  4. Dan F said :

    You can lose your stomach fat with the right fat burning program combined with proper exercise such as situps, crunches.

    Truthfully fat burning diets are very effective, alternative diet programs not so much. Sadly low-calorie weight loss plans do not help our bodies burn off fat. Anytime caloric intake is limited too substantially our systems go into a starvation mode.


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