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How can I lose a lot of stomach fat QUICKLY! :)?

hey guys and galls.

Im a 16 year old guy and im REALLY tired of being tubby. So its almost school and i want to no how i can lose stomach fat quickly, and healthily. PLEASE HELP IN ANYWAY 🙂 THANKS!!!!

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5 Responses to “How can I lose a lot of stomach fat QUICKLY! :)?”

  1. thunder10050 said :

    I would try running and eating good foods like salads and fruits. Try to skip out on things like tacos, and greasy food. Salad with ranch is really good.

    For running, I don’t know how long you can run. Try to run a mile, and if you can do that, try to do 3. Just keep on running 3 for a while until you get used to it, for about a week or so. Try to get a 3 and a half or a 4 mile in once in a while, then try to go for 5. Run twice a day sometimes too. Yesterday I was at camp and we ran 5 miles at around 7 AM then 5 miles later at around 5 PM.

  2. Mr. xyz said :

    minimize you sugar intake and drink lots of water and do exercises daily

  3. Taylor said :

    cardio. lots of it. seriously, run run run, eat 7 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big ones. wrap plastic wrap around ur stomach and sweat allot. sweating is key.
    i mean look at a freaking workout website, i feel dumb for answering this now.

  4. 7 + 1 said :

    There is no quick fix, and no effective way to just target stomach fat. You need to focus on your diet and get started on a program of regular physical activity. If you are not physically active now, you will need to start off slowly and build up to 60 minutes of physical activity at least five days each week.

    Losing weight is basically about creating a negative imbalance in the amount of calories eaten, and the amount used each day. Here is a link to some great advice for losing weight and preventing obesity:

  5. Rose . said :

    Hi dear,
    follow these guidelines to get rid of belly fat
    – Start exercising. Getting a flat stomach involves losing belly fat. To achieve this, start a workout routine. If possible, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If this isn’t possible, strive to exercise for at least 90 minutes a week – running, power walking, swimming or biking.
    – Strengthen the core muscles. In conjunction with losing belly fat, choose workouts that exercise the core muscles. Effective workouts include dancing, pilates, crunches, and knee and leg lifts. For the best result, keep your abdominal muscles tight during core workouts.
    – Improve your diet. Bad eating habits can impede weight loss efforts. Eliminate fatty foods and sugary foods from your diet. Choose lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat no more than 130 grams of carbs a day.
    – Eliminate alcoholic beverages from your diet. Drinking more than two alcoholic beverages a day can raise cortisol levels in the body and decrease the metabolism. Cortisol increases hunger, and a slower metabolism makes it harder to burn fat and calories – especially in the abdomen.
    – Drink plenty of water. Water flushes excess sodium and fluids from your body, which can help you achieve a flat stomach. Additionally, drinking water fills your stomach quicker, and you’re less likely to overeat.
    – Control stress. Being stressed or feeling anxious can also release high levels of cortisol. In addition to increasing appetite, this hormone redistributes fat to the abdomen. Learn how to control or reduce stress. Practice breathing exercises, workout or get a massage.
    – Reduce abdominal bloating. A low-fiber diet and certain foods can produce abdominal bloating. This prevents a flat stomach. Increase your fiber intake to fight bloating, and limit trigger foods such as beans, raw vegetables, lactose and starches. Take a digestive enzyme tablet to eliminate bloating.

    Good Luck



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