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How to lose my stomach fat quickly?

Quick info:
I’m 13, I’m about 5’1″ or 5′, I weigh either 111 or 112, and I have a little pouch of fat over my stomach. I can feel the muscle underneath, but I have to lose the little extra fat by Halloween. Any ideas on how to lose it? Also, I possibly have a higher than normal metabolism but I drink lots of cola. So I don’t think eating has much to do with it but I’m not exactly an exerciser, so any ideas?

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4 Responses to “How to lose my stomach fat quickly?”

  1. PixieDust_16 said :

    Workout daily, that will help build muscle and trim fat. Go running, bike riding, ect.

  2. babygirrl said :

    p90x it really workks, watch the video and try doing some of their workouts, you can really feel your muscles forming after
    at first,t hey’re really hard but after a while you get used to it

  3. JustThinkAboutIt said :

    Try interval training. You likely won’t like it, but I am a slim guy and started developing a little gut. 2 weeks of HIIT training and my gut was gone. Replaced with a nice six pack. Mind you this wasn’t a rigorous hour long activity, well it was rigorous, but depending on the level of difficulty your routine can be from 5min to 20min (mine was 5min 3 times a week).

    I also heard Green Tea is good for belly fat. Clinically proven and such, but not gonna work fast enough to get you what you want by Halloween. That’s more for the long term. I personally just work out, it allows me to eat and drink whatever I want, so I’m not big on the Green Tea thing personally.

  4. Indigo Angel 818 said :

    you could do sit-ups or you can do an exercise where you suck in your stomach for 5 seconds and then release it


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