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can anyone give me a natural remedy to lose stomach fat quickly.?

I am trying to lose stomach fat however, I am looking for a natural remedy along with exercise and whatever diet I can start, It will be very helpful to me for someone to answer my question who have gotten the results that I am looking for…Thanks

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2 Responses to “can anyone give me a natural remedy to lose stomach fat quickly.?”

  1. rhsaunders said :

    There aren’t any. The recipe for this is the same as for any weight loss: eat less, and exercise more. Situps will be helpful for your particular problem.

  2. onenaturalremedy said :

    Slendering. The first thing I lost when I tried this, was my stomach bulge. I lost my love handles also.

    I’m so in love with this supplement, I can eat whatever I want and not have to worry about gaining weight.

    it’s natural and I think you can find it at drugs stores, but then again maybe not – I buy on-line, anyway check it out.

    Oh and my results, I lost a pound a day. And thank god, from the areas I hated the most, stomach being one of the,

    Good Luck


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