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In America what do you do if you cannot afford health insurance?

I live in the U.K. and am curious…what if you are pregnant? How do you cope? What if you need a c section?

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24 Responses to “In America what do you do if you cannot afford health insurance?”

  1. BooBooFly said :

    No money no treatment I think.

  2. Sunshine said :

    We die:*(

  3. Pregnant w/a baby girl said :

    We go to the health department and they offer medicaid to pregnant women. It doesn’t cost anything for us. I am currently on medicaid b/c I am going to college and I can’t afford insurance

    They also offer AllKids for kids up to 18 years of age.
    After that…you are on your on. If you break an arm or something serious happens and you don’t have insurance..then you are just screwed and out of luck!

  4. Mischele, RN♥ said :

    I america you can apply for federal help called Medicaid. It will cover all the maternity expenses including medication and the hospitalization at no cost to you. ALL working americans pay into it as part of their taxes. It wil also cover the baby for the first 5 years of it’s life including well and sick baby visits and vaccinations. However it only covers the mom until her check-up post-delivery.

  5. MandyCandy said :

    we have a program call medical or medicade its insurance kind of if you dont have any. they have different programs in different states.

  6. TTC#1 said :

    Get a job with insurance or don’t get prego. Otherwise the american people have to pay for you to have a baby.

  7. Due September 5th with a BOY! said :

    If you don’t have insurance we have a place called the Dept. of Health and Human Services and they have a program called Medicaid, that allows you to be seen by an OB/GYN at no cost. But ends I think 6 weeks after you have the baby.

  8. Aithne - Baby #2 01-25-09 said :

    There is Medicaid for pregnant women that can not get health insurance and if you’re under a certain level of income per month. It covers everything from doc visits to labor(be it natural, aided, or surgery).

  9. Jenn said :

    You apply for medicaid! It pays for almost everything. I have it and i don’t have to pay for meds or the doctor or the dentist. It is all covered. It is for low income people. I don’t know if they have it there, but if they do try and get it! Good Luck!

    P.S. Medicaid is for kids under 18, pregnant women, and low income families/people.

  10. Jennifer24 said :

    i got on Medicaid. It was a hassle getting on it too. they pay for the delivery of the baby

  11. Emerald Eyes said :

    we qualify for medicaid a free insurance through the government until just after the baby is born!

  12. kayla k said :

    Go to planned parenthood, they have many programs

  13. Skadoctor1 said :

    They HAVE to treat you regardless of your being able to pay for medical necessities, but they dont have to treat you if its not life threatening.
    As for how you pay… if you dont have insurance you either save to pay for unexpected expenses, you ask about a payment plan where you give them monthly payments to pay off your medical debt, you let them turn it over to your credit which can put a lien on your house or estate, or, if you qualify financially you get on medicaid (government assistance) and they pay for it all through the tax payers dollar.
    C-sections are no different than any other medical procedure. You pay for it. Unless of course you are un undocumented foreigner that needs care. If you arent a citizen, they dont turn you away, they’ll treat you. Only if you are a citizen does it seem to be an issue getting the money at all costs or not providing service to you.
    That is how medical care is over here…

  14. kornkrazed said :

    You try to just wait out colds and stuff. Sometimes I go to the emergency room and if my income is under a certain amount I don’t have to pay full. But the hospital that does that here isn’t really the best, it’s mostly interns that work there and the people are rude and it isn’t always clean.
    If your pregnant, I guess you just try to work as much as you can to pay the bills. After labor I think they let you start paying on bills a little each month, so that means, get back to work fast to pay those medical bills. It really sucks. My hubby just a good job that includes health insurance and I’m blown away on what I’ve been missing out on! I’m just so greatfull to have it now.

  15. pfaul00 said :

    Based on income, there are some agencies that will help. Medicaid is one of them. If you don’t have insurance you can set up a payment plan with the hospital. I do have insurance and I have a payment plan with the hospital. My part of the hospital bill is well over $6000.

  16. david g said :

    You go to the city frre hospital,which has a basic service.Watch the film “Sicko” by Michael Moore,about the british/american/french health care systems.A terriffic factual film,very moving and thought provoking

  17. AZ Imagined said :

    Contrary to the ignorance of the general public that would put America down at every opportunity, not a single child or pregnant woman in America is denied health care.

    Every state of the union is mandated to provide healthcare for pregnant and nursing women and all children to the age of 18. (If they cannot otherwise afford it.)

    Not quite as inhumane as your liberal press has led you to believe, now is it?

  18. TotalRecipeHound said :

    If you are pregnant, many states now have pregnancy coverage under the welfare system. The only requirement is that you do not have maternity coverage. If you don’t have insurance, you have to pay cash. You choose your appointments wisely.

    If you need a c-section, you will still have a c-section. One of the reasons why c-section is so popular is because insurance covers it. Studies have shown that the c-section rate is FAR LESS when the patient has no insurance, yet babies and moms do just as well. Interesting, but I digress. When you leave the hospital, you will make financial arrangements to pay for the costs over time. If you fall under certain guidelines, the cost is automatically covered by the state.

    My cousin and his gf prepaid their hospital delivery, so even if she had a c-section, they would not have had to pay more.

    Good prenatal care was actually harder to get when you don’t have insurance as all hospitals will take women in labor regardless of ability to pay. That has been true for at least the last 30 years.

  19. Mollie C said :

    there are way to reduce the cost.
    in some states you can sign up for a plan that discounts the cost. (I don’t know the details of this)

    You can call the hospital and prepay for your delivery cost (i don’t know what happens when you need a C-section). Doing this can save a person up to 80 % – you have to call during your second trimester, and shop around call more than one hospital.

    Also, many doctors with take 30 % of their fee if you inform them you do not have insurance.

    As for general healthcare.
    It sucks. I’ve had to pay out of pocket for a sleep test (Not cheep!) I did get a 30 % discount, which didn’t help much.

    If you can, sign up for a discount prescription card. It helps decrease the cost. (Only cut my cost by a few dollars a month.)

    Otherwise, you pray, you don’t get sick. You cross your fingers and pray. HARD.

    If you are sick. You arrange a payment plan with the hospital or doctor.

    I’ve hear you can save up to 80 % on delivery fees. I didn’t learn this until recently and have not tried to use it.

  20. *Secrets* *Of* *Truth* 08 said :

    Then you go into debt. Thats why they should have a job and insurance before going out and getting pregnant. I guess they realize that once they are 20,000.00+ in debt…ooops.

  21. mommy_allie said :

    Most pregnant women who cannot afford health insurance or can’t get it can get free or low cost insurance in the State that they live in provide by the State government….

  22. cheerio monster said :

    The great thing about America, which many Americans have seem to forgotten is you can never be denied medical care based on ability to pay. If anyone needs medical care they will never be denied. We do have health care for all. I dont know why so many are surprised by this fact, seeing as its posted in every hospital waiting room in the country. Also, we have programs such as Medicaid and healthy families programs which provides prenatal and maternity care including the birth and pediatrician appts for the baby at little to no charge to people who can not afford it themselves. My sister is law is young and low income and uses these programs. I pay much more than her for the same and thats with my insurance!!

  23. andy said :
  24. Ed said :

    I would say to America to stop spending money on other countries problems and start helping people in this country. If America cannot do this then movie to another country.


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