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What health inusrance you recommend for my wife and new born daughter?

My employer is charging me 750 only for my wife and newborn. I cannot pay this much. Please advice if you know a health insurance company in the range of 300-500 for my wife and newborn. and what are their benefits like copay, deductable and 80-20% things. still id ont understand deductable and how it starts and works.

Thanks for your advice

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3 Responses to “What health inusrance you recommend for my wife and new born daughter?”

  1. tink said :

    Blue Cross Blue Shield has some plans that might work in that range. It puts a limit on the # of times you see a doc a year, not sure if that will work with a newborn, but worth checking the website for a quote.

  2. Doodlestuff said :

    Good health insurance varies by the state. In my state, Blue Cross/Blue shield is the best bet for individually purchased insurance, but the same company sucks in other states. Post your state and you might get more helpful answers.

    Note: a $1000 deductible with 80/20 pay means that you pay ALL medical care for the first $1000 dollars during the year. After that, the insurance company pays for 80% of the bill and you pay $20. This continues until the next year, where you start again with the first 1000 dollars.

  3. <3 said :

    try Kaiser


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