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I wanna loose weight quickly and easily how can i?

im 5 foot 3 and have chub on my body I really wanna get rid of. It seems the only time I can loose wieght is when im depressed otherwise I dont no how .. im not the type that wants to work out all day everyday. My goal wieght is 125 pounds b/c that is what i am supposed to weigh according to charts. to get to that weight i need to loose aproxiamtely 50 pounds. Im not a big girl, i no it sounds like alot! Please i wanna loose this ASAP!!! Perferably in the next 2 months or less if possible. I also do not want bulky muscles… i do have quite a bit of muscle already…they are just covered with fat. i almost would like to thin them out too.. is their any way to thin out my muscles to look more lean and loose wieght and inches QUICKLY?
Please Help me!?!

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4 Responses to “I wanna loose weight quickly and easily how can i?”

  1. Willbewill said :

    You cant…either work it off or dont.

  2. Olivia M said :

    My friends and I are following to the letter and I have lost 8 kilos now since December. Actually, I weighed today and it is 9 kilos! It is three meals a day with absolutely no snacking. Loads of water between meals, water or herbal tea or black coffee only between meals. Each meal is well balanced and I am not hungry at all. My other friend has a bit more weight to lose than me and she has lost 11 kilos since she started. All info is at the site. You should consider it. It was recommended to me by a natropath friend. I feel really healthy and now I am eating this way, I am in control of myself and I am not thinking about food all the time I think about 5-6 kilos a month is average to lose on this programme which would be about 12-14 pound

  3. Nicole S said :

    This is what has worked for me:

    Excercise at least 3 times/week

    Put your body into Ketosis.
    Ketosis is when the liver turns fat into fatty acids and keytones. It helps you lose weight faster.

    In order to do this, you must follow these rules:

    Eat hardly any carbs. No more than 1 slice of WHOLE WHEAT bread a day. Eat 2 proteins a day (7 oz) this includes chicken, tofu, beef etc…. Eat 2 fruits a day- but stay away from starch ones like bananas and watermelon, as well as pineapple, Eat UP TO 16 oz of Vegetables a day- again no starchy ones like carrots, corn, etc….. Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day!!! You can eat as much Jello LIGHT as you want, all flavors, Do NOT eat sugar= SPLENDA is OKAY, Stay away from condiments like ketchup, mustard, etc. HERBS ARE OKAY! I hope that this helps! Good Luck!

  4. Brandon W said :

    Let me explain something to you. You are not born wanting to lift weights or lose weight. The motivation only comes with the self realization that you can be a better you. That is how us builders enjoy pushing ourselves to our limits, not only so we know them, but so we can improve them and become better. A person doesn’t need to know what the capital of china is, all they need to know is basic survival instinct to survive, but we seek this knowledge to become better.
    you have to shape and sculpt yourself into who you want to be because there aint no pharmaceuticals that can do that for you.


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