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How to loose weight quickly and easily by december?

I am a 13-year old boy wanting to loose weight. i weight about 140 lbs. I don’t understand the charts that tell you what to eat or what exercises to do or the servings.I just want information that can be read easily so i can loose weight. Can anyone help me? Charts tell me to get 4 serving of this or that but i don’t understad that. i have the most fat around my belly and on the side of my belly and my thighs. I just want to burn it off by december or as soon as possible.

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4 Responses to “How to loose weight quickly and easily by december?”

  1. Phil B said :

    Targetted weight reduction is quite difficult, many would state impossible, however I melted away 3 inches from my waistline by following the tips on the web portal in the box below. Give it a try, their information is very sensible!

  2. MadamSSe E said :

    For people that are obese, losing weight quickly can seem like a dream that will never come true. The fact is that if you want to lose weight quickly you must dramatically reduce the amount of fat and calories you consume. Many obese people eat for reasons other than hunger. Stress, emotional issues, and loneliness are just a few of the reasons that cause us to over eat. If battling obesity is a problem you face, you may wonder which diets are the best for producing quick results. While diets that severely restrict calories are not a long-term answer to permanent weight loss, they may be helpful in giving you the boost of confidence you need to continue in your dieting journey.

    Among the most well-known, quick working diets is the Cabbage Soup Diet. The Cabbage Soup Diet is known to produce very fast weight loss. This diet lasts 7 days in which time you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want plus a very restricted group of meats, fruits, and vegetables each day. The cabbage soup recipe and diet plan is readily available on a number of web sites.

    Another popular quick weight loss plan is the Negative Calorie Diet. This diet allows you to eat unlimited amounts of certain fruits and vegetables. The foods allowed on the Negative Calorie Diet contain fewer calories than your body will require in order to digest these foods. For example, if you eat a pear containing 70 calories and your body burns 100 calories in digesting the pear, you will have burned more calories digesting the pear than the pear contains. This type of diet plan can be very appealing to those who are moderately to severely obese.

    If you are considering a diet that allows you to lose large amounts of weight very quickly, keep in mind that these diets are not for long-term weight management and should only be used temporarily. Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are the only real solutions to permanent weight loss and good health. If your current weight puts you in the category of obese, a sensible, long-term weight reduction plan is the only way to permanent weight loss.

    There are many products available to help you lose weight. There are
    supplements, diet plans, programs and online support systems to
    help you manage your eating habits and measure your weight loss progress. Some of these companies provide support and help with your dieting program. We can help you by providing you with a free list of our recommended best sources for effective weight loss products and services. To view our list of recommended sources to help you lose weight or to read more articles about dieting visit: Recommended Weight Loss & Diet Resources Online.

  3. Sherdod said :

    Work out for 30 minutes a day (jumping jacks..etc.). Eat 1200 calories and no less than 1200 calories a day. If you eat under that, your body will go into starvation mode and you’ll never lose it quickly). I have been doing this for 30 days now and lost 9 pounds.

  4. Zo said :

    run a couple of miles ever morning or afternoon. and drink alot of water. and cut down on the fats


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