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How do u loose weight quickly and easily?

so i have just gained about 20 pounds. and i am so confused , i don’t understand why. and i want to get ride of it. but im not up for exercising every day.
is there any other way to loose weight really quickly?
i would love to loose those 20 pounds, and maybe another 10 pounds for the summer.

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One Response to “How do u loose weight quickly and easily?”

  1. ellekitty said :

    Meal 1

    3 Egg whites (3 serving’s protein) & mushrooms
    1 Cup Cooked Spinach (or salad)
    (put in eggs as an omelet)
    1 mini piece of toast

    Meal 2

    3 servings protein = for example ¾ of chicken breast
    5 Almonds
    1 Cup Green Beans or broccoli (If possible)
    6.5 oz Grapefruit (1 serving carbs)

    Meal 3

    5 oz. Chicken (5 serving’s protein)
    1/4 Cups Brown Rice (2 serving’s carbs)
    1 Cup Broccoli or spinach or peas or green beans okra.. (green veggie)

    Meal 4

    3 servings protein (1 egg white or 5 shrimps or half chicken breast)
    1 Cup Green Beans or salad (1 tea spoon olive oil no store bought dressing)
    6.5oz Grapefruit, green apple (1 serving carbs)


    Meal 4

    5 oz. lean beef (5 servings protein & 1 serving fat)
    2 oz. Avocado with added Salsa (2 serving’s fat)
    2 Cups Lettuce
    All mixed together as a salad

    Have FOUR small meals a day. No sugar or carbs (eg. No sugar with coffee or tea)
    Drink 3 cups of water before anything in the morning. And 1 full large cup before every meal (wait 15 mins) have 2 cups of water before bed.

    One hour of continuous cardio Daily, can take a day off every 6 days. (bike on resistance 5 or more + up hill OR jogging OR elliptical machine on resistance 6 + up hill) Make sure to sweat with in 10 mins and keep going for a full hour.

    If followed by the book guarantees 10 pounds off per month!


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