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how to loose weight easily and quickly?

im 13 years old ‘5”5 and i weigh about 200lbs. wat is and easy way to loose weight quickly before school starts on aug 18. pls. help!

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7 Responses to “how to loose weight easily and quickly?”

  1. K said :

    eat healthier… exercise every day…Hope i helped!!

  2. Jsoccer said :

    Start walking for an hour a day, eat a low carb high protein diet and drink tons of water. Do it! You’ll feel really good as you start to make progress.

  3. Shagari Alleyne said :

    by snacking on celery and carrots like a rabbit…seriously because it takes more energy to digest the celery and carrot than the energy you get from it…so you are burning calories by eating! whoa!

  4. Candy Bandy said :

    shift your calories and eat at different times of the day everyday even if your not hungry. it will confuse ur metabolism and itll start burning like crazy!! also alternate calorie intake like eat 2,000 one day, then 1,000 then 1,500. you MUSTTT try avoid carbs. ( bread, rice, pasta etc . ) it’ll double your weight loss. i bet you’ll lose 15 pounds or more in two weeks if you do that along with some excersise of some sort. even walking. 🙂 good luck

  5. Lisa b said :

    Look, you didn’t put this weight on over night, so it isn’t going to come off over night either. That’s the truth. You have to be smart about losing weight, otherwise, you could become sick and will probably gain it all back and then some. So….
    1. Eat healthy — join Weight Watchers.
    2. Walk — start with 2 miles every single day and work up to at least3-1/2 miles. And walk fast, like you’re late for class.
    3. Drink water.
    4. Find a picture of yourself at a weight you liked being and post it someplace where you’ll see it often.
    The trick is to burn more calories than you eat. It isn’t rocket science. You just have to stick with it. You can do it!

  6. absurditysquared said :

    There isn’t much of a way to loose weight QUICKLY, but, you can drop pounds and be healthier by continuing your efforts past just summer vacation. Just eat right and exercise about an hour a day. That’s it. You’ll drop a few pounds a week, and you’ll look great. Just, don’t give up.

  7. Jo Jo w said :

    go get a billy blanks cardio workout video, its 1 hour and u can use resitant bands but i don’t its easier, it turns fat into muscle , which muscle weighs more, but it shapes u better . i lost 40 pounds in 3 months . but u loose weight everywhere just not certain places. neways i workout 3 times a week since i work alot now, it makes u so energized n makes u feel great. it’s da best method, b/c i use 2 be overweight, it ryed tons of diets n tricks n walkin’ n stuff, never worked. this really does u should really try it, and if u ever need a good belly trimmer a umm… ab lounger is great. thanks n hope dis works for ya
    also eat more calories than what ur bodie needs 2 burn fuel,eat alot of protein like,fish,chicken,tuna,seafood,turkey, veggies,fruits, sugar free n low carbs, good carbs.


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