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I stopped smoking pot is there any withdrawals?

I stopped smoking pot to combat bad choices like eating like 17 zebra cakes ina nite.ANd to find a better way to deal with my problems then ignoring and using pot to escape from them for like 4 hours lol. So will there be any side effects down the road? Like slow metabolism and such? Or will there be like perks?

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2 Responses to “I stopped smoking pot is there any withdrawals?”

  1. magicsebi said :

    I made some research on the subject a few weeks ago… From what I found, there are no actual withdrawals. Maybe just psychological, like you would be in a situation where you would think: “man, a joint sure would go nicely right now”… But my junkie friends also told me they never felt addicted to pot… So basically no. Pot is really neutral, there aren’t drawbacks of smoking pot and you don’t miss much by not smoking it.
    Don’t worry, no problems.

  2. Optimistic Spermboy said :

    There are no actual withdrawals like the guy above said.

    Off topic: I would kill for a zebra cake… I didn’t know they made those anymore.


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