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i run on a treadmill daily and my achilles are very sore afterwards any tips pls?

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8 Responses to “i run on a treadmill daily and my achilles are very sore afterwards any tips pls?”

  1. phil said :

    You shouldnt run daily, give your body a chance to heal. Do weights or some other activity on the non-running days.

  2. susie said :

    rest up for a while as it sounds like you have bruised it it will keep on hurting you until you do take a look at your footware need some new trainers

  3. peopleRpeople said :

    my other half runs marathons and does alot of running to train, he had a similar problem best thing is to rest those legs and let ur achillies recover, for atleast 4 wks if not u might have the same problem in 6 months time my other half will tell u as he found it hard to stop running and still has problems,

  4. fosyfos said :

    Make sure you stretch them before and after running. Dont run every day you need to take a rest

  5. Darby said :

    You need a very good pair of running shoes. Your heels need to be elevated a bit to take the tension off you Achilles tendons. You can give yourselves some therapy but soaking your feet up past your ankles–first in ice water and then in hot water–alternate between the two with each soak 5 minutes and ending with the ice water–total time about 25 minutes.

  6. lestermount said :

    Tendons are very difficult to heal. Take your time stretch easy, don’t over stretch.

    Use ice after you work out.
    If they continue to bother you stop running before making it worse.

    You can bike or swim until the soreness is gone.
    Be careful and don’t run with pain.

  7. Ardnas said :

    Walk around on your heels (toes off the ground) and then immediately start walking on your tip toes. It’s a good stretch to try.

  8. snvffy said :

    See a sports-medicine podiatrist.
    Use Ice
    Get cushioned shoes
    Elevate your heels

    You MUST get rid of this problem, otherwise, the longer you pussyfoot around with it, the longer and more chronic it will become.

    Good Luck


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