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How good is wii fit as a daily aerobic fitness routine?

I would like to spend a bit on home fitness. The toss up is between a wii + wii fit and a $300 treadmill. How has your experience been for aerobic routines with wii fit?

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8 Responses to “How good is wii fit as a daily aerobic fitness routine?”

  1. Angela G said :

    I have both. Personally I don’t find the wii fit to get a good workout like I can on the treadmill….but it’s fun.

  2. Healthy Helen said :

    Wii Fit is a solid entry in the fitness genre for the Wii. The range of exercises, from easy to hard, can provide a framework for a daily workout routine that will pay off for players who invest in it.

    Wii Fit offers four categories of exercises, including Yoga, Muscle Training, Aerobics,
    Aerobics includes Hula Hoop and Basic Step, and Balance Games include Soccer Heading and Ski Slalom.The Aerobics exercises are great for consistent movement for the whole body. Hula Hoop will require players to sway their hips and catch additional hoops. Players can go on a virtual jog in Basic Run. Without the Balance Board, players simple hold or pocket the Wii Remote to jog in a beautiful landscape among Mii friends. There’s also the 2 People Run option for two-player jogs.

  3. met_98_1998 said :

    It depends on your level of fitness and how quickly you get bored with routine physical activity.

    If you are in reasonably good shape, consider using a treadmill. You can watch a tv show or listen to music or just relax as you are running or walking on the treadmill (use the incline feature to get a better workout)

    Wii + wii fit is a great option – especially if you are starting new on your fitness routines. Wii Sports – tennis is a great and fun option.

    In the long run, I have found that a variety of physical fitness routines such as biking, running, swimming, stretching, weight training give you the best results.

    Good luck!

  4. kimberley.ann1995 said :

    I would say the wii fit is better because it keeps you fit and it’s very enjoyable!

  5. CharmBracelet said :

    Def get Wii Fit its the best ! there are so many exercises to do

  6. Joanne said :

    its great! i do it everyday and now im super balanced and its great excercise!!

  7. j.ohalloran said :

    wii fit is Very good with exersixes all of thee gotton any i have it i couldent gotton a better thing you get a virculale trainer and about 50 diffrent exersizes i would go with wii fit but if you dont have a wii then you have a problom the wii is impossable to get and so is wii fit but if you get luckey and get it then i would get wii fit

  8. gary b said :

    Both work really well if you’re trying to shed a few pounds. I think the wii is a lot more fun. But you can watch tv at the same with a treadmill. Plus, a $300 treadmill is on the low end. If you decide to with a treadmill I would up your budget a little bit.

  9. Galiaskarovf said :


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