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Bought a treadmill which I use alot. Want to know some good fitness techniques to increase my endurance?


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5 Responses to “Bought a treadmill which I use alot. Want to know some good fitness techniques to increase my endurance?”

  1. El Diablo in Mexifornia said :

    Pod Fitness is a system that combines expert personal training sessions with your own music on your mp3 player.

  2. Steven R said :

    Try interval training. If you have an iPod download some Nike+ tracks, which will talk you through ‘intervals’ as you run and they even have treadmill tracks which are excellent.

  3. Journeying through Yahoo! said :

    Slowly increase the tilt and speed….

    Just like they do when testing for a heart attack…that often induces one as well, but in the doctor’s office….

  4. Nassah said :

    Like the others said get an mp3 or ipod and for endurance
    train by minutes not distance
    trust me there is a whole different feeling and motivation that way

  5. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Here are a few techniques I use:

    Run at a steady speed for a long time (untill you get really bored!). Have the incline at 1.
    Run at a steady speed then every 45 seconds increase your speed by 0.1mph – you should be able to do 10 minutes like that (if you want reduce the speed to your steady speed and continue running)(increases speed over time)
    Run at a steady speed and every 30 seconds increase the incline by 0.5. After 5:30minutes start decreasing the incline to 0 at 10 minutes (and then keep on running…. or start again with increasing incline!)(increases leg strength and stamina)

    Do one of these each session

    Really the best for increasing endurance is to run long and make it hard, and keep going even when your mind says “Stop Now”. When you cant run any more, force yourself to run to the next minute or 5 minute mark, or to the next 0.25mile mark (strengthens the mind!), and then if you can run for another minute

    All there is to it is hard work really, but enjoy it and you will see the benefits


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