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Is the Wii Fit a good option for Cardio exercise?

I am planning on buying a Wii Fit soon and doing my weekend cardio exercise using it. Is this a good option or am I better off just jogging or riding a bike?

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9 Responses to “Is the Wii Fit a good option for Cardio exercise?”

  1. kate bait said :

    switch them up

  2. April said :

    not if you’re self concious…the Wii fit makes fun of
    I hope you’re not trying to seriously lose weight if all you’re doing it exercise on the weekends because it won’t work. you need do go at least 4-5 days a week. try jogging or aerobics DVD’s

  3. Tom M said :

    i wud work but much slower that just jogging or biking

  4. Saz said :

    Jogging will always be the best cardio exercise there is so you could include wii fit but don’t just do the wii fit!

  5. Jesh ♥ said :

    Well i got a Wii fit and i go on it loads. It’s really good.
    It’s got activities for yoga, muscles, balance and aerobics. The aerobics section is particularly good.
    It’s got things like boxing, and jogging. The jogging is probably best for burning off calories. You can unlock larger time periods for jogging, and there’s even free jogging, in which you select what time you want, begin and change the channel, so you are able to watch TV whilst you jog 🙂
    For things like Yoga, and Muscle Workouts, it has these sort of bars that measure like how much pressure you’re putting on the wii balance board, so you can do the poses accurately.
    With the wii fit you can also put in your details such as height, gender etc. then have yourself weighed. The Wii fit will then tell you if you’re underweight, ideal, overweight or obese in which you can set yourself a goal to lose weight in a specific period of time.

    So basically, i think that the Wii Fit IS a good option for Cardio Exercise. It worked for me, and i’ve also lost some weight 🙂

    Hope this helps xxx

  6. Y!A. addict. 5th. account <3 said :

    It’s a good game for tracking progress in your weight, but I guess you could do that with some scales and a piece of paper.That’s the only thing I use mine for now, and I occasionally use the Balance Board to step on and off for some light aerobics, but I could use any kind of box/board for that. When I first got it, it was really cool, but after a few months it really died down and now, as I mentioned before, I don’t use it at all. It’s better to just do some exercises around your neighborhood, or even your own house than spending money on a Wii Fit. Although, I recently bought a game for the Wii called My Fitness Coach. It wasn’t expensive and gives you great workouts from Cardio, Yoga, Strength Building, Upper Body Strength, and Lower Body Strength and the game is really professional so I reccommend you buying that instead of the Wii Fit.

    Also, I have just been researching online and there is a new game for the Wii coming out in May called EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer. From the reviews I’ve read and from what the game looks like, it’s way better than the Wii Fit, and a lot cheaper too.

    So I think you should not bother with the Wii Fit, and buy My Fitness Coach instead, and then in May if you feel like getting the EA game, get it.

    Hope I helped, good luck and feel free to email me if you have any concerns or questions regarding diet and fitness!


  7. Amanda T said :

    I agree with Y!Addict…..I got the Wii fit and bought my fitness coach about a week later. I never got to the point where i was sweating with the wii fit. So now i use the wii fit just for yoga as i cool down from my workout with my fitness coach. I really like My fitness coach as a cardio workout.

  8. bcft161 said :

    I love it! I got it last Tuesday and already lost 2 lbs! Now I’d rather exercise than watch tv.

  9. Mitchel Castillon said :

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