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I love ballet so much, and I’m confident, but…?

but, how do I lose weight quickly!? I don’t want to do something drastic, like a juice fast, or consider a eating disorder, but I’m REALLY in need of losing weight quickly. I’m 180, ( 60 pounds over weight) and all the other girls in my class are REALLY skinny! I feel like a freakin’ hippo~~~

please, I really need help. And I’d appreciate not being given any crap. I just want help in loosing weight fast.

Thank you.

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5 Responses to “I love ballet so much, and I’m confident, but…?”

  1. SKS said :

    Start exercising and running or biking more. Eat a well-balanced diet and eat in moderation. Don’t eat a lot of this one thing, and then pig out on some junk food. Don’t just stop eating any junk, but don’t pig out. Eat in moderation.
    This might not be very fast, but this is much healthier than drastically changing your diet by fasting or taking any pills.
    Good luck!

  2. ☮Tay☮DAnceee said :

    i think a healthy diet and excersize will do it
    theres no need for any juice or anything but also dont cut down your food just portion it right 🙂
    ok for example i will tell u what i eat egg white with low fat feta cheese and orange juice
    lunch..salad or chicken (grilled not put in oil) not ceasar salad either
    dinner..turkey breast and vegetables (steamed)
    and for snacks..friuits or veggies 🙂
    and for excersize..maybe go to the gym or take more dance classes
    theres no reason you should feel like a hippo 🙂
    i hope you get your goal weight

  3. layne m said :

    You don’t need to worry about getting crap here. We’re all here to help. :]

    Anyways. The science of losing weight is simple. Burn more calories than you eat. However, there is a fine line here. I would suggest looking up your resting metabolic rate (they have a calculator at This is a guideline for the amount of calories you NEED to eat a day. If you eat less than your resting rate, your body will compensate by lowering the metabolism (resulting in slower weight loss), making you tired and sluggish, and making your hair and nails brittle and dry. So you must eat as much as your resting metabolic rate is and probably a little more.

    Now, for exercise. Cardio is the absolute best way to lose fat. Cardio includes running, biking, swimming, and dancing! or just anything that gets your heart pumping. If you choose to do running, I would suggest a Coach to 5K program. This starts you out on running really easy and gradually increases the pace until you are running for 30 minutes straight! You can search this to find out more. It is a very good program and people lose a lot of weight on it if they commit. They also have free podcasts to make the intervals easier and more fun.

    So just exercise, cut down calories (but no too much!!!!), and most importantly, have confidence. Do this for yourself. Do this to be healthy. Don’t do this to be like the other girls or to look more like how you feel a dancer should look. Do this because you want to live a long and full life.

    Be sure to take this slow! Although it may take a long time to get to your desired weight, it will be worth it if you do it right. A good amount of weight to lose if you want to KEEP it off is 1-2 lbs per week. Any more and it will come right back or you are doing something too drastic. Trust me, if you take it slow, it will definitely pay off!

    If you want a little help, you should check out It is a free site that provides meal plans, exercise plans, and most importantly, support from other people facing the same struggle as you.

    If you have the determination, I am sure you can achieve your goal! Good luck!

  4. K!M (: said :

    I had some pounds I wanted to lose too and I found that cardio is so effective!! (running, jumping jacks, walking, and just going to dance will help as well) helps you tone your whole body very nicely. maybe like 15-30 min a day..but I heard if you do more it strains your muscles, idk. Twist crunches are effective to if you do them at the right pace and for a while. They thin the area around your stomach very well! Also make sure you’re eating about 5-8 small meals everyday because when the body sees that you’re getting enough food and protein and stuff it releases all the stored fat that it uses to give you energy. best of luck!
    remember a dancer is great because of their passion 🙂

  5. Losing Weight Guide said :

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