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How to slim thighs while still doing the sports I love?

I love football (soccer), biking and running. It’S so fun! but i’ve realized those sports have made my thighs reall bulky. i want to slim them down but don’t want to quit doing the sports i love. help??
Can’t I be skinny AND healthy? Skinny doesn’t always mean unhealthy and anorexic. there are a lot of thin girls i know who are healthy.

and i take ballet also, i’m surrounded by mirrors, so i know what my thighs look like from every angle. they’re huge.

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2 Responses to “How to slim thighs while still doing the sports I love?”

  1. Alex MacGregor said :

    The question you need to ask yourself is which is more important to you, being fit, active and healthy or skinny and unhealthy?

    I would hope the first is more important and if so stick with it. Most of the guys I know like fit girls more than stick insects (despite what the media would have us all think).

    It’s a problem of physiology I’m afraid. Being active builds muscle fibre which makes your thighs look “bulky” because you have muscle definition. If you actually measure your thighs I’d be willing to bet they aren’t actually that big. It doesn’t help we look at our legs from the wrong perspective – ie downward. If it helps put on a miniskirt and heels and take a photo of your legs from the side, you’ll probably go “WOW!” and I’m sure guy friends do that anyway!
    Once you’ve created that muscle fibre it is almost impossible to lose it so dieting will not help, unless you need to lose a little lard as well. Short of starving yourself completely so the body effectively eats itself or having to do some serious chemotherapy that’s not much you can do.

    So stand proud as an athlete and a fit woman, dig out the shorter skirts and sexy shorts, slip your feet into a pair of killer heels and show off those fit legs to their best.

  2. SJ said :

    Isn’t it frustrating when people replies that pass judgment and don’t actually answer your question…? I’d definitely disregard MacGregor’s reply on the basis of it’s being totally unhelpful and pointless, not to mention wrong. In fact, I normally don’t reply to questions online, but that reply was so unhelpful that I literally feel compelled to post.

    I experienced a similar situation, as I am a very active woman, and have a tendency to love thigh-building sports, particularly running. I also have a genetic predisposition to storing weight in my legs. I have successfully addressed this issue, and have pretty much achieved my ideal weight and form, so hopefully my tips will actually provide a useful starting point for you.

    really, you’re dealing with a question of balance. Certain activities (like running and soccer) build out larger muscle groups (quads), and other activities (like dance– particularly ballet and yoga) exhaust large muscle groups, activate smaller, auxiliary muscle groups, and focus on muscle elongation–resulting in a tighter, less bulky form. in order to activate more auxiliary muscle groups, you should adjust your running/soccer to ballet/dance ratio, so that you are always doing more ballet than soccer or running. Experiment with different varieties of dance if you grow bored with the ballet (although ballet really is best for overall tightening –Yoga works well too.) You should start to see some results. A really great source to check out is Tracy Anderson (Gwenyth Paltrow’s trainer.) Her entire philosophy is based around the notion of auxiliary muscle groups, and she has some great leg workouts that focus on your exact issue. (check out a free video at

    Combine your workouts with healthy diet changes. Cut out ALL processed foods. This might sound scary, but is highly doable. Read ingredients labels, and if you don’t know what something is, or it involves any kind of processing or refining, don’t buy it. EVER. You’ll see an immediate difference in your shape, not to mention that you will have TONS more energy. I also highly recommend a Raw-till-Dinner approach, which entails eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts for the majority of the day. An incredible resource is The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose– a book that completely changed my life and shape.

    Good luck! MacGregor is dead wrong, and you can definitely change your shape, be even healthier than you are now, AND continue to do the sports that you love.


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