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I can run on a track faster than I can on a treadmill. Is that because track running uses more muscles?

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8 Responses to “I can run on a track faster than I can on a treadmill. Is that because track running uses more muscles?”

  1. Rob B said :

    Running on a track definitely works your leg muscles more since the surface isn’t moving beneath your feet. I’m unsure why you would move faster on the track when you’re working harder. It seems counter intuitive.

  2. cisco kid said :

    i think its cause in track you have a destination and the impact is easier on your legs, feet and back. plus you have factors such as wind cooling you down. i would run track over a treadmill any day. i run 3 miles a day- down the street of course, but still its easier than my exorcise bike

  3. ladylovin said :

    Better grip on the track and no danger of falling off or hitting your arms on the bars. I can run for much longer on the treadmill though for some reason.

  4. anthonyP said :

    Thats weird cuz Im the exact opposite. I can run 30 minutes non stop on the treadmill at level 7 but on the street I can only run for about 15 minutes before I have to take a break. lol..well now that I think about maybe Im just running faster on the street than I do on the treadmill , I just dont have a little machine telling me where Im at. Either way Good Work.

  5. David said :

    Treadmill runnning is slightly different than track running but both can give you a good workout. Track running does not use more muscles. Here are some reasons why track speed and treadmill speed may differ.

    Is the treadmill calibrated? If not, the indicated speed could be off by 1 to 3% which translates to 6 to 18 seconds per mile for an 8 minute mile pace.

    What are the temperature conditions? Indoor running can get very uncomfortable and difficult with poor ventilation and cooling. The lack of wind from running can make the treadmill running harder.

    There is often a perception that a treadmill speed is faster than the same track speed. Treadmill bordeom can also make it seem harder. Get some headphones and listen to music or watch tv during the workout.

    When I run on a treadmill, I wear a heart rate monitor and disregard the indicated speed. I start slow and increase speed to achieve a target heart rate or perceived effort. For training purposes, the only thing that matters is time and effort. To better simulate outdoor running, set the incline to 1%.

  6. Marathon Man 2006 said :

    I run a lot and last year I ran my 3rd Marathon- For that I did a lot of training on a Trend mill and when I ran the same distance on the run I was able to run- around1.5 minutes a mile faster- Why- Simple apart from that you have no visible stimulation on the trend mill and you do not have wind breezes etc that all help- On the road you have forward momentum and I think there is some sort of equation that explaines it. On the treadmill you have no forward ,movement as such.

  7. Mike T said :

    I can run on a treadmill faster than on a track. Weird isn’t it!

  8. diane said :



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