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Running track + eating light and healthy = fat loss?

Well, I am running track this year and I eat really light and healthily now. Will running track help me lose a lot of body fat? And what is the best way low fat diet that will maximize my results. I know I need to eat complex carbs for meets and what not, but what way of eating will help me lose fat the best?

I dont mind strict diets.

Thanks alot!

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One Response to “Running track + eating light and healthy = fat loss?”

  1. Summer said :

    If you are running track and training regularly then you will be burning calories and therefore will lose some fat mass, as well as building some lean muscle and getting tone, which is beneficial for your body. You do need to eat complex carbs and try and eat wholemeal foods and whole grains rather than things like white bread or white pasta as they tend to be made from refined flour. Also try and steer clear of refined sugary foods, fatty foods, fried food, take outs, processed and junk foods, and sodas or sugary drinks. Eat lots of fresh produce and fruit and veg and try and consume a good amount of protein such as lean meat, lentils, eggs, fish etc,. You will probably need to consume around 1800-2000 calories a day to provide you with enough energy for training and also remember to drink lots of water. A good way to structure meals is to eat lots of small meals/snacks a day. So, if you are consuming an 1800 calorie per day diet, then it would be a good idea in the course of the day to eat 6 meals of 300 calories each once every two hours, as this keeps your metabolism going and can help to boost weight loss.


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